Our Annual General Meeting was held on Tuesday 15 February 2022:-

Minutes - here

Trophy List - here


AGM held on 25th February 2021, 7pm at IOM Sport Institute: -
Draft Minutes from 2021 AGM: Here
Chairman's Report: Here
Trophy List: Here


AGM on Thursday 20th Feb 2020, 7pm at IOM Sport Institute: -
Draft Minutes from 2020 AGM: Here
Chairman's Report: Here
Trophy List: Here

Minutes from 2019 AGM: Here

AGM 2018:-

Chairman's report --> HERE   Trophy list: HERE      
Some of the trophy winners at the recent AGM:-


 2017 Trophies and Awards list ->  HERE 
Some of our Trophy Winners (above) and a 'Thank You' Award presented to Sue Ackroyd (below) by our Chairman, Terry Bates, after the AGM on 6th February 2018.

     2016 Trophies and Awards (List and pictures) -> HERE         

      2017 AGM Minutes &  Chairman's Report FOR 2016 -> HERE
     Special Award -> HERE            IOMVAC Competitions and Trophies 2017 -> HERE

Held at Albany Tennis Club on
Monday 13 February 2017 at 7.00pm.
Agenda 2017:  HERE 

Constitution Amendment:  HERE

Minutes AGM 2016:  HERE

Proposed Minutes AGM 2017: HERE

2016 Report from our Chairman: HERE