2016 - Final league table  (20/11/16): HERE

Thanks to Ian Callister


Competitors best 2 short races, best 2 medium races, best 2 long races & best 1 other race establishes their final position. 

Short races: St. Johns, Snaefell, Carraghyn and Peel Hill in August.

Medium Races: Ardwhallin, Glen Mona, the ‘James Coulson’ Laxey and 'Kate's Race'.

Long races: 1. Manx Mountain Marathon, double points; competitors can consider this as 2 long races. 2. Narradale. 3. Any UK category ‘A’ long fell race before end of September. 4. Ellan Vannin. 5. Manx Mountain Race.

Competitors who complete UK fell races are required to produce race result sheets to be forwarded to Ian Callister. Their times will be worked out as a percentage of the winner’s time. The competitor with the best percentage will get the points for 1st position. The competitor with the worst percentage will get the points for last position etc. This is similar to IOM Veterans’ Road Running League.

Points are awarded as follows:-

1st 53 points, 2nd 50points, 3rd 48, 4th 47, etc...

Veterans over 45, 2 bonus points for each race

Veterans over 50, 4 bonus points for each race

Veterans over 55, 6 bonus points for each race

Veterans over 60, 8 bonus points for each race

The runner with the highest points score from their 7 races will win the annual cup.

Result sheets of UK Fell Races to be forwarded to Ian Callister, who will be working out the points. Ian has agreed to donate a trophy. Any further questions to Ian (842137) or craigmount@manx.net

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