Below you will find details of a course that UKA are putting on 29th February on the island with support from Manx Harriers. The details below will appear on IOM Athletics and MH websites.

Basically if road racing, cross country etc are to continue on island we need to have qualified officials,  this course will help these individuals keen to start their journey to becoming a level two official. The morning of the course has a module which stands alone on risk assessment and health and safety in distance events - as such it would be good for fell running and race walking also.

We all realise the need to add to the numbers of our group of dedicated race officials in athletic endurance events.



UKA Level 1 Endurance Official Course 29th February 2020


The course is the first level for organisers, or volunteers, looking to be qualified at organising races in Cross Country, on the Road etc. It covers Risk Assessment, Health and Safety as well as basic points needed when organising a race so ensuring you have adequate officials, how to care for the athletes entering etc. It is the first level required to become a fully fledged race referee/director. For further details contact Andy Fox on 495830 or 


Cost - £30, Venue - Manx Harriers Clubhouse, Time - 10am to 4pm


To enroll on the course and pay UKA the fee please use the links below -