Results: here (Excel) or here (pdf)

20mile Road Race at the NSC, Sunday 11th March which was kindly sponsored by 

Leinster Management Ltd.   and won by Nigel Armstrong: -

See full collection of 446 pictures by Adrian Cowin: here.

and 127 shots by Murray Lambden: here.

The top three: -

1st Nigel Armstrong (118), 2nd Mark Clague (110) & 3rd Mike Garrett (102).


Finishing 1st Woman: Kate Lister.              Crying in the rain! Alan Pilling.

These officials & helpers were happy at this stage, but they were getting colder all the while sat in the stiff SSW'ly wind.

Also working well as a team: -

'Clubbing together', to good effect early in the race.   (All pictures by AC).